National Biobased Products Day – March 8th

Daubert Cromwell is proud to be a leader in sustainable packaging. Our anti-corrosion packaging products have earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture Certified Biobased Product label. Customers who purchase our BioPreferred VCI products know they are receiving quality, high-performance packaging manufactured to minimize impact to the environment.

The following Daubert Cromwell VCI papers have earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label:

•Protek Wrap® PW30, PW32 and PW60 VCI papers, 92% biobased content.

• Nox-Rust® Vapor-Wrapper® VW35D and VW60D papers, 93% bio-based content.

• Silver Saver® with 97% biobased content.

• Coppertex® with 96% biobased content.

• Alumitex® with 100% biobased content.

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